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The spate of ghastliness drama flicks in Kollywood does not appear to decay, and passing by the quantity of amazing endeavors made in this sort, it is likely that the pattern is setting down deep roots for a more extended time. The most recent film to join the fleeting trend

o.pannerselvam meets pm modi for jallikatu

bull-controlling game - jallikattu, which is at this moment disallowed by the Supreme Court. Chatting with editorialists in a split second in the wake of meeting PM Modi, Panneerselvam said that pioneer has promised him of all offer help The blacklist constrained on jallikattu by the Supreme Court came up for


PETA has murdered 29,426 creatures in 11 years until 2012 An article distributed in Huffing ton post asserts no less than 29,426 creatures have been slaughtered by PETA in 11 years until 2012. The article says, 96% of the surrendered creatures that achieve PETA's front entryway leave the indirect access getting